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How to Fix a Garage Door Panel

A garage door panel can experience extreme wear and tear over time. Here's how to fix a damaged garage door panel.

Destruction of your garage door damages both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Even if only one panel is broken, the whole effect is destroyed. So, you should take care of it immediately if there is damage to one of your garage door panels. This way, your garage door will keep all its purposes and go back to serving as protection against burglars and adverse weather.

What You Need to Fix Your Garage Door Panel

When you have the new garage door panel, and you are ready to begin the repair work, make sure you have on hand the following tools:

  • Measuring tape

  • Impact wrench

  • Vise grips

  • Two hoists

Fixing a Garage Door Bottom Panel

Start by measuring the width, height, and depth of your garage door. Be sure that the measurements you take for the new section correspond with the old one. Also, be sure that the shape is correct. For your safety, don't forget to unplug the power cord of your garage door opener. You should also disconnect the opener from the door.

Fasten the hoist to the top of the garage door track. Then, connect the other end to the hinge situated the second from the bottom. Locate the cable linking the bottom bracket and secure it to the drum. Next, raise the garage door three or four inches. Before you do this, make sure the hoist is secure and tight.

Removing the Old Panel

Using the impact wrench, remove the hinge bolts connecting the bottom garage door panel to the middle one. Start with the outside and work to the middle hinges. If any bolts are difficult to take out, break them, unfasten the old section, and put it on a sawhorse.

Installing the New Panel (Step-by-Step)

  • Put the new panel on the floor under the garage door.

  • Using the vise grip, fasten both sides to the tracks. Then, put the new garage door panel so that it’s parallel to the floor.

  • Drill the pane to sit bottom brackets in it, putting the bolts on both sides. Put flange nuts on the bolts.

  • Placing the panel on the floor, attach the cable to the bottom bracket.

  • Put the rollers in the tracks and bottom brackets, vise-gripping the track to the top part of the section.

  • Raise this section of the garage door. Managing it from each side, put the cable on the bottom bracket.

  • Glide the roller into the bracket.

  • Fasten the track and use the hoists to put the garage door down on the bottom part.

  • Make sure the hinges are attached securely before removing the vise grips, clamps, and hoists.

  • Put the opener back and plug back in the power cords.

There may come a time when you will need to replace a garage door panel. While you don’t need to hire specialists when in doubt, you can always reach out to a garage door repair service in Denver such as Chris’ Garage Doors.

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