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Garage Door Service from Denver to Littleton and the Metro Area

Garage doors are the largest moving objects in most houses, which means that there are lot of things that can happen to make them break or lose efficiency. Just because your door is going up and down, does not mean that it is working well.

Signs My Garage Door Needs Repair

  1. Noise – Perhaps the biggest and most obvious indicators that your door needs repair. As doors age, they can get creaky and loud. Regular service can help minimize the noise and keep the door running longer. Not all noise can be eliminated, but regular service can go a long way to help.

  2. The door is slower than usual. If your door is moving slower than it used to it is likely because something is wrong with the door and the operator is having to put extra work into moving the door up and down. This can cause a lot of wear and tear to the operator that can be prevented.

  3. The door is crooked. If the door seems a little off-kilter or wobbles a little bit while closing, the door probably needs an adjustment to make sure it is running optimally.

Garage Door Repair Denver
Garage Door Repair Denver

​How Much Does it Cost to Repair my Garage Door?

The cost of repair can vary quite a bit depending on what needs to be done. Most standard residential repairs can range from $150-$700, but there are certain issues that can increase the price. We also can provide additional service packages beyond that standard repairs that will keep your door in tip top shape for years.

Types of Repairs we do for Garage Doors

We keep our trucks stocked to repair most garage door issues and normally can take care of it during our first appointment. Our serviced include:

  • Spring replacement

  • Panel replacement

  • Tune-up

  • Safety Inspection

  • Roller replacement

  • Cable replacement

  • Torsion spring conversion

  • Hinge replacement

How to contact a Garage Door Specialist

If you have an issue that you think you can handle on your own but want some expert advice, we are happy to do a phone consult for no charge. We can walk you through some suggestions as well as safety concerns and pass along some tips and tricks to help you solve your problem. For garage door repair Denver or just advice we got you covered. 


For everyone else who just wants someone to come out and fix the door, you can reach us by calling, texting, or emailing.

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