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What Sizes Do Garage Doors Come in?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Garage doors come in different sizes to accommodate different needs—learn the basics.

Our homes are available in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs—and that means that we need garage doors that match. Some garage doors are chosen because they fit in the design, while others are chosen based on the preference of the homeowner. It is always good to know your options when shopping for a new door or home!

Garage Door Sizes by Need

In the garage space, most companies offer general sizes that can fit different needs. We are going to look at the different use cases for garage doors of different sizes to help you decide what is right for your home!

Single Garage Doors

The classic single garage door offers access to a single garage space. These spaces are designed to effortlessly fit most standard-sized vehicles. However, some vehicles that are wider or larger might struggle to fit in through single garage doors. In most cases, these garage doors are 7 or 8 feet in height and 8 or 9 feet wide.

Double Garage Doors

A double garage door is what is seen on many medium-sized homes. These garage doors are much wider because they are designed to act as an entry point for two different vehicles accessing garage spaces that are positioned next to one another in a shared space. These garage doors are rectangular in shape. Their dimensions are often 7 to 8 feet high and up to 18 feet wide.

RV or Specialty Garage Doors

Garage doors are designed to accommodate standard vehicles, but some homeowners have needs that go beyond that. Whether you have an oversized vehicle or need a place to store your RV, garage doors can be made to accommodate this need. These garage doors are much taller to grant extra space to bring in larger vehicles. They can be up to 14 feet tall. However, they generally have a comparable width to single or double garage doors.

Custom Garage Doors

Every homeowner has their own requirements when it comes to having a garage. Some needs just don’t fit the standard design. When this happens, it can be necessary to invest in completely custom garage doors to accommodate a home. Working with a dedicated garage specialist can open these doors, so you can invest in an experience that matches what you need.

The Takeaway

No matter what kind of garage door that you decide to invest in, you need to keep them functional, so you have easy access to your home. A garage door that has been damaged must be repaired quickly in order to continue to serve its purpose in the home. When one of your garage doors ends up broken or damaged, it is time to choose the companies focused on garage door repair Denver locals rely on to keep their homes looking and feeling great. Contact us to learn more!

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