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What are the best brands of garage doors?

A typical garage door lasts around 15 years, with some more durable models lasting up to 30. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you may notice new brands, styles, and materials have entered the market. Luckily, newer garage doors are even sturdier than before. Updated designs have been taken to the next level - with even better insulation, window, and customization options.

When shopping for garage door service in Denver, you’ll need to locate the best brand of garage door for your lifestyle and home. Find out what garage door brands to choose from, customization options, and how to find local garage door service below.

Working with a garage door brand

A garage door is a big part of your overall home’s aesthetic. It can add to your home’s curb appeal, even increasing the selling value. When working with a garage door brand, you’ll get to choose from a range of customization options that add style to your door. Whether you go with a simple frame-and-panel design or door with textured paneling, match your new door with the style of your home.

Here are just a few services that a garage door brand can help you with:

Choosing color options: The straightforward color options for any garage are white, brown, or beige. Customized options also include darker palettes like black, navy, dark green, or grey. Metal or wood doors are also becoming increasingly popular, with the option to paint these materials a different color later on.

Choosing window options: Garage door windows are fairly straightforward, with styles in basic rectangular or multi-panel options. However, increased privacy options are available in the form of color, tinted, or etched windows. You can also choose between materials like acrylic or laminated glass.

Choosing custom doors: Custom garage doors help you make your space your own. These investments do take longer to manufacture, but they offer a more individualized result. Go back in time with a carriage-house style or modernize your space with a door that swings outward.

What is the best brands of Garage doors

Types of packages to choose from

Whether you’re looking for something functional or customized, there are a few different options to choose from when it comes to garage door selection.

Most functional option

Non-insulation or vinyl-back insulated garage doors are a functional choice for many homeowners. This garage door option offers a simplistic version for finished spaces, all while insulating your garage from the elements. It’s the most affordable option, so there’s less customization available.

The standard option

For standard garage door operation and customization options, this is the package for you. Sandwich insulated designs keep your garage cozy all year long. Plus, there are a few more style options to choose from with this package.

The custom option

For those looking for a completely customized door, you’ll have unlimited options. Just be aware that you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get the final product.

For more information on how to get the perfect garage door for your home, call Chris at Chris' Garage Doors.

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