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How often should garage doors be serviced?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

If you use your garage door frequently, it’s important to schedule regular service checkups to ensure it’s functioning at peak capacity. Most garage professionals agree that you should get your garage door serviced every six to eight months — depending on a few factors. Learn more about how often garage doors need serviced, garage door maintenance tips, and where to get the best garage door service in Denver.

Garage door maintenance: how often to schedule service

Like other appliances in your home, garage doors require occasional tune-ups and service. The frequency of garage door maintenance depends on a few factors, however. Some common factors that affect the longevity of your garage door and how often it requires service and repair are:

  • How often you use your garage door. If you are coming in and out of your garage door several times per day, certain parts will develop wear and tear more easily.

  • Where you live. Fluctuating temperatures and extreme weather can both impact garage door parts and alignment.

  • The type of garage door opener you have. Automatic garage door opener sensors can sometimes misalign or the sensors can sustain damage.

Scheduling regular garage door service with a knowledgeable garage door technician ensures that your garage door components always function correctly despite these factors. Speak to a garage door professional near you to determine the frequency of maintenance visits for your garage door.

Benefits of preventative garage door maintenance

This type of preventative service not only keeps your garage door in its optimum condition for longer, but saves you the time and cost of garage door replacement down the line.

Garage door tuneups thoroughly check the functionality of key garage door components like hinges, springs, sensors, motor, and opener. If one of these parts requires a basic tuneup or repair, it will cost a lot less than an entire garage door replacement.

Finding these smaller issues and correcting them when they occur prevents more severe levels of destruction to the garage door as a whole. Regular garage door service helps to protect your investment and keeps your garage door working at top performance for longer.

Although the preventative perks of having your garage door serviced are important, there are also a few safety reasons to schedule garage door maintenance. A faulty garage door is a safety hazard. You could be held liable in court for a safety incident caused by a faulty garage door. Additionally, some local safety regulations may require regular garage door maintenance in order to avoid incidents like this.

Schedule Garage Door Service in Denver

Regular tuneups are an important aspect of any homeownership. For garage doors, this type of regular service can help optimize the longevity and performance of the door across its lifespan.

To work with a professional garage door maintenance provider and schedule your routine garage door service, contact Chris’ Garage Doors.

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