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How Much Room Do I Need Above a Garage Door?

Getting a new garage door or installing a new garage door opener isn’t as simple as just running down to the garage door store. When looking to install new garage doors in Denver, one of the most important things to consider is the size of your garage, and making sure you have enough room for the system you’re looking at.

Making sure you have the right fit depends on the system you’re looking for, as well as the style of garage door. There are multiple options to consider, and there is a fit for pretty much every space. It’s simply a matter of getting the right measurements, and choosing the correct system to optimize that space.

Measuring Headroom

One of the main concerns with making sure your garage door will fit is determining if there will be enough clearance to mount the garage door opener. This means measuring headroom. Making sure you have the right headroom for your garage door can save a lot of headaches and make sure that the apparatus will work properly. Garages come in different shapes and sizes, so getting the proper dimensions can go a long way in removing some of the hassle of finding the right garage door for your space.

Even owners with low garage ceilings can find an opener that will function safely and properly. The headroom is simply the space between your ceiling and the top of your garage door. Without the proper spacing, the door won’t open properly. Most standard automatic openers require a minimum of 12 inches of overhead clearance. Some doors require 18 inches of head room, which includes room for the door, the opener, and the torsion springs. Make sure to know this measurement before purchasing anything for installation.

Finding the Right System

The headroom isn’t the only concern. One of those things is the type of springs you’ll be using, and the most common of these are torsion springs. These help the door operate smoothly and provide increased safety. Torsion springs attach to the opener and garage door, creating the tension that opens and closes the door. It takes about 12 inches of clearance for standard torsion springs to be properly installed.

Extension springs are a secondary option, but torsion springs generally stay in place more effectively. Extension springs take up less room because they attach to the upper tracks of the garage door and then move down the side. This type of spring needs between 9 and 12 inches of headroom. This works for lower ceilings, but the best system for extremely low ceilings is the double-track system, which can measure down to only 5 inches.

Different garages require different garage door systems, and measuring for the proper headroom and space to install the garage door opener can be tricky. For more information on what system is right for your garage door, or to find out the best methods of measurement and installation, reach out to the experts at Chris’ Garage Doors today.

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