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How Does a Garage Door Work?

You might not think twice about your garage door, but this everyday appliance features a complex system. When it’s broken, it’s not just an inconvenience - your vehicle and personal items are at stake. Luckily, knowing more about how garage door systems function can help mitigate damage and keep things running smoothly. Continue reading to take a deep dive into the garage door system and how it functions.

How Does a Garage Door Work

How your garage door system functions

Although there are several different types of garage doors, most of them function in a similar way. They are all composed of various parts that work in tandem, allowing the door to open and close easily every time. Even if one of these many parts is not functioning correctly, it disables the whole system. Let’s review the most common of these parts below.

Garage door opener

The opener itself acts as the operator of the entire system. This mechanism is commonly found in the middle of the ceiling with the motor inside. The garage door opens automatically when this operator connects wireless to the opener remote.

Garage door springs

The garage door springs don’t just help lift the door. They also act as a cushion to brace the door’s weight and help control the movement of the door. If you notice the garage door bouncing, the springs might need to be replaced.

Connector cables

Connecting between the garage opener, drum, and door are the connector cables. These sturdy metal chords help lift the door in a fluid motion. As the door lifts, they slowly wrap around the drum and help hoist the door off the ground.

The tube shaft and drums

The tube shaft helps hold the springs in place and guides their function. It is typically a bar that runs above and adjacent to the garage door. Attached to this shaft are the drums. They act as a pulley wheel system, rotating the connector cables after the garage door springs are released.

Garage tracks and rollers

A key item of any garage door is the garage track. The track helps guide the door as it is pulled upward and keeps it from careening sideways or from crashing into the back of the garage.

Small rollers are intermittently located along the side of the garage door itself, fitting seamlessly into the tracking. As the door moves, the rollers help keep it steady as it moves up and down along the track. If the garage door comes apart from the track, it will stop working altogether and is an important safety measure for any style of door.

Garage door hinges and brackets

Another feature of any garage door are the hinges and brackets that keep everything in place. Without these metal workings, the garage door parts would be completely unstable. They help keep all components, especially rollers, cables, and springs, securely fastened. The garage door itself is made up of many metal brackets and hinges to add flexibility as it moves up and down.

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