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When to Replace Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are a necessity of everyday life. Whether parking your car or organizing your space, they provide a convenient way to access your garage. But what happens when your garage door opener is faulty or stops working altogether? Not only is it inconvenient, but a faulty opener can cause safety issues, as well. Learn how to tell when it’s time to replace your garage door opener for a newer, smarter option.

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Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Mechanical malfunction. Mechanical malfunction of your garage door can occur with a faulty opener. You’ll notice unnatural sounds in the machinery like grinding or whirring. This can lead to the garage door getting stuck or not opening altogether.

Uncommon vibration. Older garage door opener models that experience excessive vibration are more likely to get damaged. Outdated or rusted parts can easily bend or break. A vibrating or shaking opener could also fall loose from its holdings. Don’t wait for a vibrating opener to fall and damage your car or other belongings.

Reversing garage door. A randomly reversing garage door is another sign of a faulty opener. Although security sensor realignment may be needed, it’s also important to update your opener.

Loud noises. If you still have a traditional chain drive opener, you’re probably already experiencing an excess of noise. For a less disturbing noise level, try updating to a sleeker and quieter version. Updated electric openers can get loud, too. This usually occurs at the end of their lifetime however. Consider updating both chain drive and electric openers when they get too noisy for a quieter operation.

Unresponsive opening. With remote or wall-mounted controls, sometimes a simple fix is in order. Try refreshing the batteries or resetting the system when your garage door is unresponsive. Wiring issues can also sometimes occur, which require a little more time and energy to fix. If you’re still dealing with an unresponsive unit, it’s best to look for a new garage door opener.

Garage Door Repair Denver

So what can you do if you are experiencing any of these common garage door opener issues? There are many new upgrade options that offer a myriad of helpful and convenient features.

One main benefit of replacing your garage door opener with a newer version is having better safety and security. Basic safety features include sensors that automatically raise the door if something is in the way. This makes a garage door’s opening and closing safer for kids and pets. More advanced garage door opener security includes smart features like vehicle detection, voice control, and remote access. You can even check to make sure your garage door is closed when you’re not at home.

To navigate the many smart safety features of newer garage door openers, consider the help of a professional. Contact us to discover more about replacement and repair options for your garage door opener.

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