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What is an Overhead Door?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

What is an Overhead Door?

An overhead door is a door you might have heard of. Find out what this term actually means.

When discussing homes and buildings, it is common to hear terms that you might not be completely familiar with—even for basic topics. In the world of doors, the term “overhead door” can be heard in different circles. Since this term isn’t all that common for the average person, you might be wondering what it means. In this article, we will define this term and share what you need to know.

Defining the Overhead Door

An overhead door is an incredibly popular feature on homes and other buildings alike. For this reason, you might find yourself wondering what this term actually means. Is it really all that common? Is there a chance that you already know what it is? Let’s find out.

What is an Overhead Door?

By definition, an overhead door is a door that is supported on a horizontal axis and hangs “overhead” when it is open. These doors will rotate on the axis, pulling them as they open. However, they reverse this process to let the door down when they are closed.

Is There a Difference Between an Overhead Door and a Garage Door?

If you thought that the description of an overhead door sounded familiar, you are correct. Garage doors and overhead doors are the same thing. These terms can generally be used interchangeably, though you might confuse people if you only talk about overhead doors specifically.

Are All Overhead Doors the Same?

All overhead doors are not the same. In fact, they can have different mechanical features and styles that make them unique. These doors are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The important part is that they all serve a fairly similar purpose—opening a building up in some way for you to move through. These doors can vary significantly, and some can be really beautiful.

Choosing Your Next Overhead Door or Garage Door

Before you invest in a garage door, you should always know what kind of options are available. Overhead doors are an opportunity for your home or property. In fact, some can even come with some pretty special perks. To find the best possible overhead door to meet your needs—whether residential, commercial, or industrial—you should always work with trained experts.

The Takeaway

Homeowners seeking a garage door service Denver option will find that there are plenty of talented experts that are ready to help. Before you simply pick a door because of how it looks, it can be beneficial to talk to an expert to learn just how much your garage door can do for you. Our team of experts is happy to help you to discuss your options, and we know exactly how to find what you need. From picking out a door to installation, we are happy to help!

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