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What is a Carriage Style Garage Door?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

When people think of their garage door in Denver, they think of the place to park their cars to keep them safe and protect them from the elements. Your garage door allows entry into that space for your cars, but carriage style garage doors have been around longer than automobiles. They allowed access to the same type of space, but even though carriage style garage doors predate cars, many people turn to them to give their home a classic look.

History of Carriage Style Garage Doors

Originally, these large wooden doors had hefty hinges on the outside so that the door would swing wide open enough for the carriage and horses to get inside easily and fit properly once they were in there. The doors swung outward to make it easier to get the horse and carriage out for the next departure. All of the hardware on the doors was commonly comprised of iron, such as the hinges that allowed it to open and close and the handles to pull it open or push it shut.

Riding in a horse-drawn carriage is no longer a common method of transportation, but those style of doors have still maintained some popularity. There have been changes, of course, but the visual style is still appealing to many. It is a great looking option on classical or historic homes, but many contemporary homes can be seen with them, as well. The carriage style is essentially only for looks now, as few of them on garages actually swing outwards from side hinges, instead more commonly opening like a familiar sectional garage door.

Where Carriage Garage Doors Fit in Your Style

When determining if a carriage style garage door fits in with your style, it’s important to look at the different styles of these doors. They’re known for their classic look, and many can come with different intricate details to really make a statement. They generally have a traditional look, and can be accentuated with various hardware. They’re also available in different wood grain finishes.

Carriage style garage doors can come in the old fashioned swinging style, but they can also be the more common sectional garage doors designed to look like the old style. There’s benefits to either style. The swinging style is low maintenance, as there is more risk for sectionals to get stuck as they roll up. Many people like the convenience of the sectional doors due to the efficiency. However, the functionality and versatility of carriage style can over more ceiling room and deliver more space.

The unique look of carriage style garage doors can give your garage a different look than the bulk of the other homes in your neighborhood. There’s a wide variety of options to explore, and these doors are versatile enough to use for more applications than just garage doors. For more information on carriage style garage doors, their various styles and how they can fit in for you, contact Chris’ garage doors today.

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