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What Are Standard Size Garage Doors?

Whether you have a home with a built-in garage or you have an external garage, the size of your garage door can be an important detail. Knowing the size of your garage door can help you to move forward with replacing the garage door. In some instances, size might even be a factor when getting your garage doors repaired. In this article, we will explore traditional expectations for the size of garage doors.

What Are Standard Size Garage Doors?

Garage Doors and Choosing the Right Size

Before you can take any action with your garage doors, you will want to know the size. If you are choosing a new garage door, you will also want to know the size of the new option to ensure that you find a proper fit. Let’s explore what you need to know about your garage door and its size.

How Can I Tell How Big My Garage Door Needs to Be?

Finding out the size of your current garage door can be relevant before you start searching for a new option in some cases. You can learn the size of your existing garage door by measuring it yourself with a tape measure. However, there is always the chance that the dimensions will exist in a tag present on the door itself. If you are not sure how to get an accurate reading, you can always work with an expert.

Does the Exact Size of a Garage Door Matter?

Knowing the size of your garage door is important if you plan to repair or replace it. You will want to have a general idea of how much space you have to fit a new door, especially if you intend to look for options on your own.

How Do I Choose A New Garage Door?

To choose a new garage door, you will generally want to work with an expert. Garage installation experts can help you to understand what your options are so you can choose a garage that will suit your needs.

What Are the Most Common Sizes?

Though garage doors can be made in different sizes, particularly if your home has any custom work, there are general standards that most doors adhere to. Single-car garage doors are commonly either 9x7 feet or 8x7 feet. However, double garage doors are commonly 16x7 feet. Custom options can be made in many different sizes.

The Takeaway

When you find yourself looking for a new garage door or for garage door repair, Denver experts can be a wonderful option. Local experts can help you to understand what your current garage offers and what potential upgrades are available for you. As technology continuously improves in this industry, you might be surprised by what you can receive when investing in a new garage door. There are plenty of great options on the market!

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