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What are standard garage door sizes?

Garage door size depends on the type of garage you have. Before you replace your garage door, it’s important to understand the various sizes and widths available. Choosing the correct size ensures a seamless fit and will increase the curb appeal of your home.

Single-car, two-car, and three-car garage doors are the most standard sizes. Let’s break these down even further so you can get a better sense of which size works best for your space. Then, learn how to measure your garage door and locate a garage door service in Denver.

Garage Door Service Denver

Garage Door Size Guide

Single-car garages are typical for smaller homes or for detached garages. They range from eight to nine feet wide. Since they are smaller in size, they are usually only big enough for compact and midsize cars. You can also store non-standard vehicles like ATVs and golf carts in single-car garages.

Two-car garages are typical for medium to large sized homes and are twice the size of a single-car garage. They range from 16- to 18-feet wide. Clearance is available for two midsize vehicles to park at the same time. Many homeowners park one vehicle in the garage and use the remaining space for storage or work.

Three-car garages are around 32-feet wide. Typically, three-car garages require two separate garage doors since it’s difficult to size a single door for this length. Although it is possible to park three vehicles in this space, many homeowners opt for other uses for their triple-car garages.

Custom garage sizes are also available outside of these three common ones. This could include a door above 8-feet or a space large enough to fit trucks or other non-standard vehicles. Some garages might also require more insulation or custom doors.

How to measure for garage sizes

Regardless of whether your garage falls under the single-, double-, or triple-car garage categories, you’ll still need to measure correctly to determine garage door size. Taking correct measurements ensures that your new garage door is seamlessly installed. Follow these steps to get spot-on measurements for your garage door installation:

  • Measure along the width of the garage door opening

  • Measure along the height of the garage door opening

  • Measure horizontally starting in the left corner and ending in the right corner

  • Measure from the top of your garage door to the ceiling to determine the headroom

Be sure to use a level along each side of the garage door opening to ensure there are no irregularities. If some measurements are off from the typical sizes, parts like extension or torsion springs may be needed.

Finding the correct garage door for your garage can be difficult. Luckily, professionals at Garage Door Service Denver can help. Our skilled technicians can determine what size garage you have before garage door installation. For more information on custom garage door fitting and installation, contact our team.

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