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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Double Garage Door?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Any home owner that takes pride in their home should consider replacing your double garage door for an updated look and to increase curb appeal. Read on to discover the best garage door installation tips and prices before you decide.

Garage Door Installation Denver

The Best Time to Install

Every homeowner has different needs. However, choosing to replace your garage door has many benefits regardless of your lifestyle. Even if your garage doors are still in working order, think about an aesthetic upgrade instead. These are the best times to install a new garage door:

  • When you’re getting ready to sell: A brand new garage door can easily increase the resale value of your home. A 2020 report showed a 95% ROI increase for updated garage door models.

  • When you want to increase curb appeal: A garage door should fit seamlessly into your design choices. If your garage is sticking out in a bad way, it’s probably time for an update. Switch it out for a more stylish option that fits your aesthetic needs.

  • When you need a quieter option: Some garage doors are past the point of a tune-up. Exchange that noisy door for a more functional, quieter version. A door with better insulation can also help improve energy costs.

What to Consider

There are many factors that have an effect on double garage door prices. In fact, you should budget around 20% additional funds for common overages like materials or fees. When comparing prices or getting a quote from a garage door service in Denver, keep the following in mind:

  • Materials: The style, size, and materials you choose impact garage door replacement costs. There are a wide variety of garage door styles, so be sure to look at all your options.

  • Garage door resize: An older garage may require some structural updates before inserting a new door. Inserting new bracing or addressing other structural needs can heavily impact overall price.

  • Replacing hardware: Outdated hinges and bolts will most likely need replacement, as well. Depending on the materials used, this will increase the price anywhere from $50-$350.

  • Location: Garage door replacement prices vary per location, as well. Contact your local garage door service Denver to discuss prices for your Colorado home.

Prices for garage door installation

The price for double garage door installation varies per project. The cost of labor is typically included in the price, as well as materials and hardware. Permits are often needed for structural or electrical upgrades, as well. Check with your homeowners association if needed prior to install. The average cost for a garage door installation. Talk to your local garage door specialist for a more accurate estimate and payment options.

Our professional team can help you find the right style and materials to match your budget. Your new double garage door is sure to increase the curb appeal and value of your home.

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