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Del Mar Park: A Tranquil Oasis in Aurora, Colorado


In the heart of Aurora, Colorado, Del Mar Park is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With its expansive green spaces, recreational amenities, and community-friendly atmosphere, this park has become a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike. Learn information about Aurora, CO.

Scenic Beauty and Green Spaces:

Del Mar Park spans over 120 acres, offering a picturesque landscape with lush green lawns, mature trees, and a serene lake. The well-maintained grounds are ideal for picnics, family gatherings, or a stroll amidst nature. Discover facts about Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum: A Thrilling Journey Through Aviation History.


Recreational Facilities:

The park caters to diverse recreational interests with a range of facilities. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy basketball courts, tennis courts, and multi-purpose fields for various outdoor activities. The park's expansive playgrounds offer children a safe and engaging space to play.

Del Mar Pool:

A notable feature of the park is the Del Mar Pool, providing a refreshing oasis during the warm summer months. The pool offers swimming lessons, water aerobics, and open swim sessions, making it a popular spot for families and individuals seeking aquatic recreation.

Community Events and Gatherings:

Del Mar Park serves as a vibrant hub for community events and gatherings. The park hosts festivals, concerts, and cultural celebrations throughout the year that bring residents together for shared experiences and a sense of community.

Walking and Biking Trails:

For those seeking an active outdoor experience, Del Mar Park features walking and biking trails that wind through its scenic surroundings. These trails provide an opportunity for exercise, nature appreciation, and a peaceful escape within the city.

Del Mar Park Pavilion:

The park is equipped with a pavilion that serves as an ideal location for events and celebrations. Whether hosting a family reunion, birthday party, or community event, the pavilion offers a covered space with picnic tables, providing a comfortable and accommodating setting.

Accessibility and Amenities:

Located at 12000 E. 6th Ave, Aurora, CO 80010, Del Mar Park is easily accessible to residents and visitors. The park has ample parking, restrooms, and other amenities that enhance the visitor experience.


Del Mar Park in Aurora, CO, stands as a testament to the city's commitment to providing residents with accessible and well-maintained green spaces. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat, recreational activities, or a venue for community events, Del Mar Park offers a versatile and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. Visit this tranquil oasis and experience the beauty and community spirit that define Del Mar Park in Aurora.

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